Phantom is co-dominate trait that originated from a Dwarf bloodline and is responsible for some of the best looking reticulated pythons we've ever seen! Purple and Lavender Phantoms have been one of the best looking Albino combos, with high intensity, deep, rich coloration. You can also add in the Motley gene to produce Motley Phantom combos, which have a pattern and look like no other retic on the market. Just imagine producing Mochino Phantoms, Mochino Motley Phantoms, Orange Glow Phantoms, and so many more beautiful combos waiting to be made!

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Dwarf Phantom

Phantom co-dominant base gene

Dwarf Albino Phantoms

Dwarf, Clark Strain Albino, Phantom

Get in the Game Breeding Package

Male: Sunfire Motley Phantom 100% het Albino Female: 4.5 year old White Phase Albino

Mochino Phantom Glow Package

Male: Mochino Sunfire Tiger Female: Purple Phantom


Phantom, base genetic

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